This is what is wrong with our politics… when our national flag cannot be displayed when voting.

You wonder why the Americans have such a strong sense of rights waving their flag at every opportunity? You wonder why they fight and scrape to the point of insanity about freedom to do what they want? You wonder why they are nutso about guns, money and religion?? Hell they even pullout 200' flags at... Continue Reading →

A Geek on Wheels has a new home

Posting this just to doubly announce that I have moved Geek on Wheels to its own venue. DarthObvious will live on with my gaming friends, our emails, the occasional post sent to both here and my new site. It won't die.It's been around since before Facebook was born. Even if it ends up being amateur... Continue Reading →

Well, its to be expected…

I took a moment to google "darthobvious" just to see what would come up. Lately, I've been googling my name and company for busines reasons so I figured I'd try the obvious and see what was up.... This is what I got: Yup... after basically 15 years, we finally got knocked of the optimization list... Continue Reading →

Geek on Wheels ponders…confinement

I'm probably cursing it, but it appears, just maybe, that spring has finally arrived, up here in Toronto.It almost got into the double PLUS digits today and we're down to only the biggest piles of snowplowed hills left. Hell, I even heard some birds earlier this week...they driving our Chinese Sharpei, Toby, nuts! With the... Continue Reading →

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