Geek on Wheels wishes he’d prepared three days sooner!

It really is ironic. Three days after Toronto gets hit with the most rain it has seen since Hurricane Hazel hit in the 1950’s…I find this article.

» Planning for Severe Weather or Disasters When You Have A Disability wheel:life.

Figures eh? Granted much of this SHOULD be common sense but you don’t really think about it until it actually happens to you. On July 8, 2013 it happened to me and the entire city of Toronto. Flooding, massive blackouts….and the lesson of what happens to a Geek on Wheels when he’s stuck alone in his office, one the 3rd floor, when the power goes out.

Oh and did he mention…he was in the bathroom when the power went? With no emergency lights. Yep, he’ll leave you in the dark on that picture as much as he was.

And with that the speaking in third person ends…

Granted if I’d left 5 minutes sooner I’d have been stuck for 6 hours in an elevator, so it could have been worse. It did teach a few lessons though.

The first was to thank my amazing friends and remember how important the support network of friends and family is that I’ve got (yes that was an awkward sentence, but sentimentality is always awkward, so deal with it). Bruno and Jonathan went out of their way to drive down and get into the building, then helped slowly wheel my way down the three flights of stairs, then get me up the hill to my car as the rain pelted down. They couldn’t do much about the 2.5 hour drive home but still…

I owe you a DLC on Steam boys!

I was stuck for about two hours and really should have left much sooner once I realized how bad the rain was coming down. No one, not even Environment Canada, predicted it though…and when the bathroom went dark, all I could really do was swear loud enough and hope someone could hear me. Well that and be grateful that Blackberry Instant Messenger didn’t fail through the storm. (tech blog coming about that one, as cell phones, text messenging, and other IM apps failed big time during the blackout, but BBM worked without a hitch).

Three days later Toronto is still recovering, and was hoping we didn’t get hit with more storms today (which it seems we got lucky and missed). Three days later, I’m still hating on that feeling of being stuck and out of control. When you’ve worked hard to be as independent as possible in your chair…well I still haven’t got stairs figured out yet I admit.

Worst case scenario if no one had been able to get in? I would have bummed my way down the stairs and tried to carefully lower the chair before me…but I’m sure we can all imagine the disaster to come out of that one if I’d tried.

So finding this article from was serendipitous, and thanks to Dana for sending me the cute FB pic that led me to them. A host of great resources for me to go through and a great outlook on life seems to be what drives that site and its members. So I’ll take some time to prep better for the next disaster…and be thankful for my friend and family.

Oh and…Keep Calm! It’s only a wheelchair!


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  1. As I understand it, even if you had “bummed” your way down the stairs the stairwell doors are all locked. You would have ended up trapped in the stairwell. Sounds like your story unfolded in the best case scenerio. It’s time for a serious talk with management about access and locked doors.

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