A Geek on Wheels has a new home

Posting this just to doubly announce that I have moved Geek on Wheels to its own venue. DarthObvious will live on with my gaming friends, our emails, the occasional post sent to both here and my new site. It won’t die.It’s been around since before Facebook was born. Even if it ends up being amateur gaming clan name…it will never die! (until we get and frame the cease and desist from Disney)

I’ve just had a few opportunities starting to creep at the edges of my conciousness that I felt needed their own identity.

How’s THAT for being overly philosophical?

I announced GeekonWheels.ca on Facebook and Twitter back in October 2014, I was reminded that some people may have been following my posts directly via WordPress. If you have, now that I’ve worked out some bugs with the new site, I hope you’ll head on over to http://www.geekonwheels.ca/ and subscribe and/or follow my new meanderings. I hope to add much more content, thoughts, random silliness and general observations of a life on wheels there.

Life is still changing. Let’s see what this new direction brings. Care to join the trip?


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