A Geek on Wheels has a new home

Posting this just to doubly announce that I have moved Geek on Wheels to its own venue. DarthObvious will live on with my gaming friends, our emails, the occasional post sent to both here and my new site. It won't die.It's been around since before Facebook was born. Even if it ends up being amateur... Continue Reading →

Geek on Wheels ponders a curse of good manners

So I have a dilemma. Something that is pissing me off in that I don't know if I'm happy with how I reacted to a frustratingly weird event today. Regulars to my rants will recall about a year ago, I went on a royal rampage about how I didn't need to be cured. That there was... Continue Reading →

Geek on Wheels ponders…confinement

I'm probably cursing it, but it appears, just maybe, that spring has finally arrived, up here in Toronto.It almost got into the double PLUS digits today and we're down to only the biggest piles of snowplowed hills left. Hell, I even heard some birds earlier this week...they driving our Chinese Sharpei, Toby, nuts! With the... Continue Reading →

Cola Karma bites a Geek on Wheels

I hate diet coke. Always have. I can never get over the taste of aspartame, more specifically the horrid after taste it leaves like an oily carpet on your tongue. For years I have joked that it's actually Die-t Coke...and have chuckled at all the recent news about how diet drinks really are worse for... Continue Reading →

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