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This is what is wrong with our politics… when our national flag cannot be displayed when voting.

You wonder why the Americans have such a strong sense of rights waving their flag at every opportunity?

You wonder why they fight and scrape to the point of insanity about freedom to do what they want?

You wonder why they are nutso about guns, money and religion?? Hell they even pullout 200′ flags at sporting events just to remind everybody that football and baseball are American.

Well, in Canada we can’t even show our flag on a pin because of bullshit revolving around colours of the liberal party. How stupidly insane is that?

Now the conspiracy nuts will say its a conservative initiative (which may not be too far from the truth) but the reality is that if we as the citizens of this country cannot even muster around our own flag, then why are we even a country.

Whomever made the call on this particular issue should be charged with treason.


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What the new Star Wars Movies should be… (Ep 7,8,9)

So there was a cute comic-con posting about what people wanted Ep 7 to be and rather what they don’t want it to be.

Though everybody wants good movies, Lucas’ track record has been crappy since he announced Ep1.

Now to be honest, for me, Ep 1 was not so bad. I didn’t even mind Jar Jar so much in the grand scheme though he could have been completely eliminated. The one item that bugged me to no end which basically wrote off the whole star wars universe can be summed up in 1 word: midichlorians.

But the truth is, from our childhood of the original 3 movies, the only expectations I had of Ep1 was the following items:

Epic light sabre battle by jedi who were properly trained – Hence the uncut sequence between obi-wan and maul 100%
Epic starfighter sequence – Anakin/r2 flight sequence with bonus podrace which was 100%
More Jedi powers – speed, jump etc.

So for those elements, i got what i wanted.

Ep 2 for me is barely a memory as it was only there for “plot development” and i think i’ve only watched it once. Total write off.

Ep 3 was better and worse in the same breath. Anakin’s collapse into Vader was done well. Even though the acting was wooden, in its context, I liked it. It was sort of what I had in my mind’s eye for 20 years. BUT then the cut scenes of all the combat which would have been great killed it. The sheer amount of CG that they used took away from the feel of the original trilogy and then there were little things like Leia “giving up” which made less sense once they got to that plot point.

Over all my biggest beefs for 1,2,3 were:

midichlorians (which changes canon)
origin story of Bobafett (WAYYYY different from canon, and which is now changed canon to match)
Leia “giving up” her will to live
Jar Jar
the setup to have clone wars tell the story of Anakin in between 2 and 3 whereby we KNOW he will slaughter every character in the cartoon that is introduced… I liked Clone wars as a series, but i hated that they chose Anakin’s aspect and made it kid friendly when the reality of the character was very dark and let’s face it… EVIL.

The rest I can forgive.

for the new movies, I want them to just use ep 4,5,6 as the model and guideline in filmmaking. Not a CG romp… don’t change the characters and story just to indulge cameos and merchandising opportunities outside of the movies… don’t add Cool effects like lens flares just because you can. Don’t “clean” up the star wars universe… if anything, the lack of CG in the originals made it more real. Made it something we could relate too even though it was a different galaxy.

It does NOT have to compete with Marvel right now. Or be the “same” as the Star Trek reboots. Just make it good. People will see it and it will make billions of dollars even if you don’t add the laugh track….

Now for Comic-cons advice (via The Chive):


Use Your iPhone to Control your PC while Gaming

What are they thinking? That gamers are going to control shit with their iphone while playing? Like the all might logitech keyboard with LED display or the old digital led thrustmaster joystick that had scrolling data?

I think they have taken an old idea and jazzed it up with the usual iSKIN crap and the reality will be far from the pratical.

My opinion yes, but i can’t see myself ever thinking of this for myself while i’m in the middle of BF3 or ME3….

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via Use Your iPhone to Control your PC while Gaming.

HOly FAKE controversy!


so Madonna was upset at MIA for giving the finger to the Superbowl audience..

“Madonna is lashing out at M.I.A.’s bird-flipping grab for attention during the Super Bowl Halftime show last weekend — claiming the crude gesture was a “teenager … irrelevant thing to do.”

Madonna called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” this morning — saying, “I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it.”

Madonna told Ryan, “I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity, it seemed negative. It’s such a teenager … irrelevant thing to do … there was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point?”

Madge added, “It was just out of place.” As posted by TMZ – Madonna outrage

Then explain why the official video of the song has MIA showing her middle finger covered in a candle????Check it out at 2:17.

Lov Madonna video

ITS ALL A CONTROVERSY SETUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate stupid people and stupid marketers and stupid protestors and stupid stupid complainers….

Experience vs. Wisdom

Yup, this is definately an example of what we deal with from time to time with IT people who paid for their certificates rather than earning it.

Experience wins out yet again!

Captain EO returns to disney….where’s the delorian??

Being introduced to disney in 2003, I never got to see the original Captain EO 3d movie before it was replaced by Honey I shrunk the audience.

That being said, I was interested in at least seeing it once since it was heralded as a marvel of 3d innovation in its day.

So when they brought it back to Epcot, I figured I would go see it.

It features the young Michael Jackson as the hero, Captain EO in all his post 2nd nose job but still black glory.

The killer part was that in the pre-show trailer they explain that the team behind the movie was none other than George Lucas from his recently wrapped up Jedi and brought in for ILM effects as well as Francis Ford Coppola to direct.

Of course, its Michael Jackson so you know it is music and dance – centric which is to be expected but when the movie begins, all your 80’s memories flood back.

As it starts you realize why they brought Lucas in. It was easier to have him participate instead of ripping off all of starwars down to the death star trench scene and the 2 headed midget wookie/ewok.

The other parts ripped off included, riddley scotts aliens, star trek borgs and the dark crystal from the muppets (or labrynth as its really the same).

Of course full of 80s hair, shoulder pads, jackson crotch grabbing dance moves, over the top jackson choreography and the weakest ass story line ending with angelica houston morphing from a borg queen predecessor. After Captain Eo’s super power of dance and singing beat the evil powers that be its end with a jackson wiggling away in the gayest hero victory walk ever.

I wasn’t hoping for much, but it reminded me off the star wars christmas special but in 3d.

I can see how in 1986 the 3d would have been awesome and in that context it would have been amazing to watch given the genre but after 25 years, its gone from cult to “put it back on the shelf”.

Compared to what we are now used too, stop motion and light overlays just don’t do it, especially for the younger generations who are used to so much more.

Its so bad, David (my 9 year old son) asked 2 questions that summed up the whole event.

1) What is a pager?

2)Why does michael jackson sound like a girl?

There you have it. The only thing missing was the delorian…

Welcome back….

Yup, I had to do something.

The old site crashed and I didn’t want to waste time trying to get it back. So voila.. here you go. Free and friendly and I can connect it to facebook and other social media sites.

Whether I do or not.. that’s another story.

But basically, its my ranting location whether anybody reads it or not. I’m still not on facebook (and won’t be for the foreseeable future) so its my place to bitch even if its only me reading it.

So there…pthhththththththththth