This is what is wrong with our politics… when our national flag cannot be displayed when voting.

You wonder why the Americans have such a strong sense of rights waving their flag at every opportunity? You wonder why they fight and scrape to the point of insanity about freedom to do what they want? You wonder why they are nutso about guns, money and religion?? Hell they even pullout 200' flags at... Continue Reading →

What the new Star Wars Movies should be… (Ep 7,8,9)

So there was a cute comic-con posting about what people wanted Ep 7 to be and rather what they don't want it to be. Though everybody wants good movies, Lucas' track record has been crappy since he announced Ep1. Now to be honest, for me, Ep 1 was not so bad. I didn't even mind... Continue Reading →

HOly FAKE controversy!

Yup, so Madonna was upset at MIA for giving the finger to the Superbowl audience.. "Madonna is lashing out at M.I.A.'s bird-flipping grab for attention during the Super Bowl Halftime show last weekend -- claiming the crude gesture was a "teenager ... irrelevant thing to do." Madonna called in to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest"... Continue Reading →

Experience vs. Wisdom

Yup, this is definately an example of what we deal with from time to time with IT people who paid for their certificates rather than earning it. Experience wins out yet again!

Welcome back….

Yup, I had to do something. The old site crashed and I didn't want to waste time trying to get it back. So voila.. here you go. Free and friendly and I can connect it to facebook and other social media sites. Whether I do or not.. that's another story. But basically, its my ranting... Continue Reading →

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