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Every star wars (original) fan needs to see this….

So this made me want to go back and watch robotech, star blazers and akira.


How Games Are Meant To Be Played vs. How You Play Them [Comic]

Oh so true.. so true!

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Geekcycled | FailDesk

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Experience the Zombie Apocalypse in the UK!

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Kris LoPresto: 53 Reasons Why We Need a New Star Trek TV Series

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Nerdy And I Know It [Video]

bwahahahaha.. thought the first one with the Zerg was funny.. but the Roll a D6 is good too!

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For the Geeky Ladies: Boba Fett Purse [Pic]

Alright Ladies… does Coach make this?

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OMG WANT: LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series R2-D2

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Say it ain’t so, Amy Farrah Fowler! : Respectful Insolence

Say it ain't so, Amy Farrah Fowler! : Respectful Insolence.

Posted on: February 21, 2012 3:09 AM, by Orac

An interesting piece about Mayim Bialik aka Amy Farrah Fowler.

Just thought that as fans of Big Bang, you might want to read.

Welcome to the God of Mischief and the Goddess of Destruction…

That’s right. We have new cats. Not just 1 but 2.. yes…. striaght back into the fire as it were.

It has been 6 months since Gryphon passed and more than a year since Ensign went bye bye.

We waited a bit just to get used to not having a cat around. Waited until after Christmas to even start thinking about it. Then we started noticing the little things.

Things like leaving doors open a bit out of habit.

Remembering to keep food off of low tables and benches.

Even leaving lights on when we go out at night.

So we rectified that this weekend by getting 2 cats. We had looked around at several locations where different rescue organizations had kittens and realized that if we wanted 2 cats they had to be good with each other or bonded since we didn’t want to go through getting 2 cats and introducing them to each other. Turns out the first pair we found were a brother and sister called Huggles and Tinkerbell. The store who was fostering them changed it to Bonnie and Clyde and we opted to go looking some more.

We went to 2 other stores and then came close when we found a 9 month old gray female and a 3 yr old orange tabby/mancoon that would have worked. They were both friendly and playful but we had some concerns with the older cat being an adult already.

After long discussion and some instinct checking we decided on re-visiting the first set with the condition to rename them.

Turns out, our instinct was right becuase they both are playful, comfortable with people and within our first 48 hours had them cuddling already.

So, I introduce to you Loki and Kali.

They are 6 month old domestics born August 31, 2011. He is gray with traditional stripes and she is more brown with stripes and some spots.

I must say, after being used to lethargic and relatively slow 20+lbs cats, having 2 that combined barely weigh in at 10lbs is amazing.