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Bill Cosby – What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

So, now we have protestors at the Ontario venues where Cosby is going to show up to perform. In a hamilton news interview, some lady was collecting tickets for those people no longer interested in going with the intent of putting protestors in their place.

For the record, Cosby has been accused of sexual misconduct/rape/assault by a slew of women. All of them a decades old allegations and none as of the date of this post have resulted in charges or any kind of investigation. Of course, Cosby’s camp denies everything and his lawyer even went so far as to say if any of it was true, how come no charges have been laid?

I’m not defending him, or saying I believe either side at this point because plainly i don’t trust the media and when celebrities are involved in a scandel, all kinds of corruption to the truth can happen on both sides of the fence.

What galled me the most was the lady collecting the tickets didn’t say “Alleged” or “Accused” in regards to Cosby, but rather talked with language that already had him convicted and labelled as a sex offender. They already have organized protests and interest groups who are going to hound Cosby wherever he goes.

I thought in north america at least, innocent until proven guilty was the right of the accused.

Again, not trying to defend him but it seems kind of ridiculous that all the tens of millions of dollars he has donated to a variety of charities and educational organizations, all his business works that involved helping his communities goes up in flames when accusations fly without him being able to defend against it. It is almost like he has to go to court because the accusations are more devastating than the actual court process.

Let me give you an example in my world. If for some reason, I was publicaly accused of a crime. Any crime. During the time it took to clear my name, whether it was the accusers back pedaling or going to court and proving otherwise, do you think my business clients would continue to do business with me? Do you think they would want to be associated with me and stick it out until the truth came out which could take years? Some might….but i would bet that there would be some who would have to err on the side of their own feelings and reputation to dissapear and disassociate with me as fast as possible. It is only natural and the accusation alone has done the damage.

What I’m saying is that allowing protestors who have already judged him to be guilty and potentially spreading incorrect information or even descriminatory information should be curbed somehow. The right to protest is protected but as we have seen with the Westboro Baptist church, not all protests or protestors have the truth on their side.


Well, its to be expected…

I took a moment to google “darthobvious” just to see what would come up. Lately, I’ve been googling my name and company for busines reasons so I figured I’d try the obvious and see what was up….

This is what I got:


Yup… after basically 15 years, we finally got knocked of the optimization list and some gamer is going around with the actual name and avatar @darthobvious

I’m not surprised mind you. Pretty much this blog has been abandoned for the Facebooks but since I’m the “voldemort” of facebook, I find it amusing to bitch out my thoughts here where nobody will read them.

I think, now that I have figured out how to post directly from my phone (which is a whole bitch fest unto itself), I may drop little notes here over time just to have it floating around out there in the interwebs.

After all, we still own the name and domain so what the hell.

Geek on Wheels ponders…once more with feeling!

No, I couldn’t resist the Whedon reference. Also have a Bon Jovi song running through my head (10 points to the first to get it)

Here’s a question for you. Before reading any of my rantings, ramblings and inane scrawls (truly, you should see my handwriting)…did you give much thought to what it must feel like for a para- or quadriplegic? I don’t mean emotionally. I mean physically FEEL in those areas of their bodies that no longer function as they should. If you were anything like I was before my chaired life began, I made some terrible assumptions. I didn’t know anyone who was a spinal cord injury victim (I do hate that word mind you). SCI’s were stories we heard, inspirations in the form of Rick Hanson, the work by Christopher Reeve and his foundation, but it wasn’t all that often you actually met someone with an SCI. When I saw them, I just assumed that if they were a paraplegic, they had no feeling in their legs and the legs were just…useless…flopping without help or support.

Of course, that was naively wrong, but I didn’t have any basis to know otherwise and didn’t have reason to give it much thought. I always assumed that the damage to a spinal cord meant nothing went down to those areas. No feeling, no pain, no signals from the brain. Now obviously, I can’t speak for all cases, each is unique…but with my own, it appears that it isn’t so much that the signals stop. They just get very…weird.

Why do I bring this up? Two words:

Pain and spasticity. (and please, don’t make me explain spasticity…it’s exactly what it sounds like)

For almost 3 years (frak has it really been that long?), my body has been fairly stable. Weak, nearly useless right leg, stronger and stable left leg. Sure, I’d utterly ruined my right ankle in between that (read earlier posts on how that one happened), but things weren’t really changing much…just a slow steady decline in the bad leg. Things change though as literally days after my 41st birthday, my body decided to sneak many in on me…and not in a good way

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, where for 3 years one of your legs hasn’t worked but the other has “behaved”, mostly obeying you. This time though you wake up and both of your thighs, thighs that haven’t felt anything at all during those 3 years, suddenly feel like they are burning from the inside out. You calf muscles are spasming so hard you can see the knots through the skin. The muscles are tensing so much your ankles are turning inward and it feels as if they are going to snap of their own accord. You have to reach down and manually push at your knees and pull at your ankles to straighten your legs, feeling them fighting against you the whole time.

Then go to your waking hours, where sitting they bounce of their own accord, straighten out at odd angles, or as my right leg is doing even as I type this, they jump and slam your heel down to the floor with a strength you didn’t think was left in withered limbs. You try to control it, to stretch the muscles, to work them at the gym, to move them, even to stand with help to get some weight on them. Sometimes it helps…sometimes not.

You can’t find a pattern. Nothing that acts as a trigger. No stimuli that causes the spasms. No movement that explains the burning pain. It just starts…and then…stops. No rhyme or reason.

Now, please know, I don’t write all of this as a “woe is me” cry for help. I’m seeing my doctors, working on the exercises and doing the treatments…and I must admit that it has helped to almost separate myself from my own legs…in my own head of course. I can look at what they do, almost as a detached observer…which is fair since my legs have decided to detach themselves from my own control. It is actually quite fascinating to ponder just how amazing the human body is, how much has to work in tune for all of our body functions to work as they are supposed to. I can sit watching TV with Shannon and watch out of the corner of my eye as my right leg decides to just start twisting…and wonder what caused that. Shannon only really blinks at it any more if I grunt from a more painful spasm. She’s been getting used to it. These new changes though…they are something entirely different.

Now before you ask…there are meds I take…wow are there meds I take. Depending on how bad the spasms are I take 3-4 different pills nightly. These help to calm the spasms and help me sleep, which in turn helps Shan sleep, which in turn helps to keep us both a little more sane. There are downsides to these meds, side effects that I don’t even want to ponder to other parts of my body…and they make waking up in the morning VERY difficult…and everyone knows what a wonderful morning person I’ve been my whole life. I wake slowly, and spend anywhere up to a half hour each morning stretching those legs out, working them around, depending on how they ended up as I slept.

It’s funny, as I used to sleep in the oddest positions. I found sleeping crosslegged, flat on my back, legs almost in a full lotus position quite relaxing back in the day. It freaked the hell out of friends who saw it for the first time. Now though, I can’t do it. Sleeping with my legs bent at all leads to terrible muscle pain when I wake…so now I find lying flat as a board is the best I can do…not the most comfortable, but the best.

And so my body changes. The doctors and therapists come up with new plans. I keep moving on with life and just making it work. There are options…some I plan to explore and experiment with. This post was actually prompted by another blogger I’ve been following by the name of Rachelle Friedman. If you are on Twitter, look her up, or take a gander at her facebook page. She has some great thoughts of living with a spinal cord injuries and recently posted a fascinating look at how medicinal marijuana shouldn’t be so hard to get (she’s in the States). This was after she wrote a GREAT article about the stupidest things someone can say to someone in a wheelchair. I was actually jealous I hadn’t come up with that one myself. That being said, I think I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on marijuana soon.

It was her open admission of the pain she deals with daily that hit home with me…and made me ponder it more deeply.

And yes I know. I’ve been damn quiet since just after Christmas, but let’s be honest… it’s been one hell of a winter. And really? Who needs to hear anyone saying that over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a disability or not, this winter in North America has been brutal on us all. I freely admit, I don’t want to be whining about snow trapping me, or pondering those neat ski-style attachments for the front casters of my chair…I haven’t had the energy. Last week we got what I hope will be the last brutal blast of winter, the March lion roaring once more. It trapped me under orders from all to not risk trying to get out the door. So this got me to thinking…and realizing I do need to write…It doesn’t matter how many read it, or who reads it…it’s an outlet, an exploration, and an escape all of its own. So here’s to more to come.

Now don’t mind me going back to the ’80’s. One more time…with feeling!

Geek on Wheels doesn’t park his rage!

So remember that post a week or so ago about parking? Remember the pics of the silliness of the parking at my office?

Guess what I found when I drove into work today. With no warning.

What happens with unannounced construction

What happens with unannounced construction

Normally I park up there by the yellow pole on the left, just front of that black car. See the problem?

Can I get a roar (not a scream a BLOODY ROAR) of frustration? (and yes pretty much the whole lot was like this)

Just askin’.

Great accessible pub!


So while my office has terrible disabled parking, a great pub nearby can rightly crow that they are accessible. It’s a bit tight on turns but they put the effort in and the food is really good on the pub scale. #accesswin!

Geek on Wheels thinks it’s Elementary Sherlock!

So when I first thought of getting back to writing, it occurred to me that I got to see a lot of REALLY good premieres of new shows while I was off with my ankle up in the air. One of the biggest surprises did come from the titular Elementary, but more on that in a bit…because to me that is the shock of the season…it’s actually pretty damn good. Unfortunately, with every good show that you find in a new season of TV, you also find one or you love that just don’t get the ratings they deserve…and the early end that never allows the stories to be completed.

So just before I started to write this, I saw the news that a show that not only was one I enjoyed, but one that I got to discuss with my dad as we considered the conspiracies of it….will be cancelled after 13 episodes. Good by Last Resort. We hardly got to know why the hell a looney US President nuked Pakistan for no apparent reason…maybe? Possibly? Dammit I wanted to know!

It’s amazing how many good new shows actually came out this year. Revolution, the JJ Abrahms inspired show about the world after something causes all power, everywhere, to just stop. I’ve only caught a few eps of this one and need to catch up, but so far I’ve been really impressed with how there is so much backstory to build from and grow into. Let alone some decent actors.

Then there was Arrow, the DC comics attempt at created a more “real” supper hero drama based on their Green Arrow character (why the Green was taken from the title is anyone’s guess…the hero’s costume IS green). I have to say this one I have loved from day one after a lot of trepidation about how it would work. Anyone remember the horrible TV version of “The Flash” with he rubber costume from hell? Well trust me Arrow isn’t that. It’s a hero story done in the more realistic Dark Knight Rises style of narrative that seems to work well with DC’s characters (Batman is DC as well if you didn’t know). Trust me, as a comics fan this is one I could go on about for a while…and usually I am having to explain little tidbits to the friends after each week’s show (Shan asks and then puts her hand up to say STOP! when I get a little too detailed). Let’s just say when I saw that mask of Deathstroke in the pilot I was jazzed…I am sure the island that they keep flashing to is one of the bases of the League of Assassins…but I’ll stop there before Shan or Arthur edits the post with a STOP!!! (come on the name is Geek on Wheels). Though one last point…ladies seriously…if the idea of it being a comic book show turns you off…just get a low of the Toronto actor who plays Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. Trust me…I suspect you’ll be impressed. Just don’t mind the scars.

So what else is there? Well have you taken a peek at Elementary yet? This was the show I was perhaps the most sceptical about as it seemed to just be another blatant US ripoff of an AMAZING british show Sherlock. If you haven’t seen Sherlock yet, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (still one of the best stage names out there) then stop reading this right now and go find the first two seasons of it. There’s only three episodes per season, but each is basically a mini move…and if you don’t know how to find it, then talk to me and I’ll help you. Sherlock is one of the most brilliant shows on TV right now and its a shame that the actors have done so well and got so busy that chances are there will only be one more season. So with its success it wasn’t much of a shock that ABC went quick into production of their own version of a modern day Sherlock Holmes series, except in the more palatable to North American audiences one hour variety. I admit…I expected it to be a disaster, if not an outright copy of the Brit version…with the only real change being that Dr. Watson was now Dr. JOAN Watson.

Well surprise, surprise…Elementary is actually a very different show that really does work on its own merits. I’ve been quite impressed so far. While the Brit version of modern Holmes is described by himself as a “functioning psychopath”, this version….who is still British mind you…just transplanted to the US, is the son of a mystery rich man and recovering drug addict…with an incredible skill at deduction. The relationship with Watson is very different…and we’ve only had the barest hint of standard Holmes characters slowly coming in. Irene Adler was just introduced via old letters recently…and somehow I suspect that there is no hurry to bring Moriarty into the picture…let alone Mycroft Holmes.

This of course doesn’t get into the amazing shows that survived last year and returned with a vengeance. Haven, Grimm, the hilarious Castle, Person of Interest (my dad’s current fave), The Walking Dead (which is decent but sorry that really offbeat and emotional video game is way better than the series), right now is a great time for the hour-long drama with the slight to complete sci-i bent to it. A few years back we all thought that hour long’s were basically dying if it didn’t have CSI in the title. Thankfully that turned out to be a bad prediction.

I know I am missing a few that grabbed my eye, and Arthur was complaining to me about how many shows I’ve caught up on while nursing the foot that he’s never even heard of. Well as I get back into the real world and my more normal routine it will be harder to keep up…but here’s hoping that most of these won’t meet the fate of Last Resort. After all, many of us still hurt over the fate of shows like the beloved Firefly…which meant an end by stupid network hacks who just couldn’t get it.

Browncoats forever! (come on…go geek out for a bit…you’ll be glad you did).

So True, how smartphones have changed the devices we need.

Funnny diagram to show smartphone differences in the last decade.

Original Link from

The Steve Gleason story time

Well that sounds way too much like an after school special title. In any case, Peter King has tweeted today that his story about New Orleans Saints’ Steve Gleason and his struggle with ALS will be on the NBC pregame show between 4:30pm and 5pm.

I should have head shot Arthur’s mech by that time and Matt will have got stuck jumping off a building thinking he’s being tactical, so I’ll be watching post Superbattletech Bowl (come sue me NFL)

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Geek on Wheels – short mall review

Fairview Mall at dvp and sheppard? Didn’t you just do a complete rebuild in the last two years?

Then why has your brand new washroom got a disabled stall that you CAN’T close the door with your wheelchair in it????

On a side note, honestly I’ll try to post less about bathrooms…but location reviews will continue (hint the Eaton centre SUCKS!!)

Back to chinese new year activities!
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They are definately going to hell…

One of my favorite web comics today is LICD (Least I could Do).

yes, they are canadian and yes they are warped. Their main character Rayne is a cross between Uncle Jessie from Full House and Charlie Sheen from two and half men…

Today’s favorite…

Best of 2011

and if that isn’t enough.. go back through the latest story arc of “Munch”; Rayne’s new playdate.