Geek on Wheels ponders…his new wheels!

FINALLY! Or as my Texan cousin textually screamed at me as if he was a spanish soccer announcer....CHHHHHAAAAIIIIRRRRRR!!!! Well, in truth it isn't really FINALLY. I've now had my new chair for about a month...and though I meant to write a blog before the holidays about it, compare it to the old one and explain... Continue Reading →

Cola Karma bites a Geek on Wheels

I hate diet coke. Always have. I can never get over the taste of aspartame, more specifically the horrid after taste it leaves like an oily carpet on your tongue. For years I have joked that it's actually Die-t Coke...and have chuckled at all the recent news about how diet drinks really are worse for... Continue Reading →

A Geek is getting NEW wheels

It seems like I have a host of stories from our cruise this past that I haven't had the energy to blog about, but this one I have been purposefully holding back and you'll quickly see why. I'm getting a new chair! I wrote a post a few months back about GI Joe! No Continue Reading →

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